a. In order for ΔABC to be similar to ΔDEF, what must be true about the angles? Be specific. b. If you know that ΔABC is similar to ΔDEF, and you know that m∠A = 52° and m∠E = 65°, what is m∠C? Explain how you arrived at your answer. c. What is the difference between two figures being similar and two figures being congruent?

Accepted Solution

i) if the triangles are similar then the corresponding angles are congruent. this means that the angles are of the same size.

ii)  If ΔABC is similar to ΔDEF, therefore; m∠A = m∠D, m∠B=m∠E, and m∠C=m∠F,
thus, if m∠A= 52, m∠D=52, and if m∠E=65, then m∠B=65, thus to get m∠C; 
180- (52+65)
=  63 , therefore; m∠C= 63

iii) if two figures are similar they have the same shape and not necessarily the same size while if two figures are congruent then they have the same shape and size