Amy works in a shop. Her annual gross salary is $25,000. From this, she must pay social security (calculated as 12% of her gross pay) plus 8% income tax. In addition to taxes, she must repay a loan to her employers at a rate of $125 per month, which comes out of her post tax income (i.E. Income after tax has been calculated). What is Amy's take home pay per annum? Give your answer in dollars to the nearest dollar.

Accepted Solution

Answer:   $18,500Step-by-step explanation:Amy's taxes total 20% of her pay, and the loan payments total another ...   $125 × 12 = $1500so her annual take-home pay is ...   $25000(0.80) -1500 = $20,000 -1,500 = $18,500Amy's annual take-home pay is $18,500.