I WILL MARK AS BRAINLIEST AND AWARD A LOT OF POINTS PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!Michael, Ronald, Lidia, Alexandra, and Catherine are sharing a basket of fries. The following table shows an incomplete probability model for who will eat the next fry. Michael has a probability of 0.3. Lidia has a probability of 0.1. Alexandra has the probability of 0.32. Catherine has the probability of 0.1. If there are 200 fries in the basket, which of the following is the best prediction for the number of fries that Ronald will eat?A)10B)36C)60D)64

Accepted Solution

Answer:36 friesStep-by-step explanation:find out the probability of Ronald eating the next fry0.3+0.1+0.32+0.1=0.820.82=82%subtract 82 from 100 to find the missing %100-82=1818%Ronald has an 18% chance of eating the next fry-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------divide each possible anwer by the total # of fries10/200= 0.0536/200=0.1836 is the correct answer because you get the probability percentage,0.18hope this helps! plz vote my answer the brainist if it does