In the equation below, a and b are constants. If a = b, what is the value of x in terms of y ? 2xa=8yb Select one:A. 13yB. 3yC. 8yD. y

Accepted Solution

Answer: [tex]x=4y[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: The equation is [tex]2xa=8yb[/tex]. To find the value of the variable "x" in terms of "y", you need to apply the Division property of equality and divide both sides of the equation by "2a". Then: [tex]\frac{2ax}{2a}=\frac{8yb}{2a}[/tex] [tex]x=\frac{8yb}{2a}[/tex] You know that the costants "a" and "b" are equal ([tex]a=b[/tex]), then: Β [tex]\frac{b}{a}=1[/tex] Knowingt this, you can simplify. Therefore, you get that the value of "x" in terms of "y" is: [tex]x=4y[/tex]