While on vacation in Mexico Jeremiah reads a distance marker that indicates he is 89 kilometers from Juárez.If 1mile is approximately 1.61 kilometers how far is Jeremiah from Juárez

Accepted Solution

Answer:55.27 milesStep-by-step explanation:Hello, I think I can help you with thisyou can easily solve this by using a simple rule of threeStep oneIf 1 mile is approximately 1.61 kilometers,it is1 miles ⇔ 1.61 Kilometersthe, how many miles(x) are 89 km?x ⇔  89 kilometersthe relation is[tex]\frac{1\ mile}{1.61\ km}=\frac{x}{89\ km} \\[/tex]Step twosolve for x( isolating x)[tex]\frac{1\ mile}{1.61\ km}=\frac{x}{89\ km} \\\frac{1\ mile*89\ km}{1.61\ km}=x\\x=55.27\ miles[/tex]55.27 milesHave a good day