Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:I assume the problem is to graph the lines.  The easiest is to pick two values of x and calculate y for each line.  For example:21.  y = -4x + 5  I'll randomly choose vales of 1 and 2 for x and calculate y:(1, 1)  and   (2, -3)Now mark those two points and draw a straight line through them.  It is an equation of a straight line, so we know this will be correct.22.  Same process:(1,6) and (2,7)23.  (1,0) and (2,-3)24.  (1,-4) and (2,-6)=====================These are shown in the attachment.  What's also shown is the second method of producing the lines:  Use a graphing program such as DESMOS to plot the equations. The points aren't needed - they are there to demonstrate that the first approach also works.