You want to draw an enlargement of a design that is printed on a card that is 4 in. by 5 in. You will be drawing this design on a piece of paper that is 8one half in. by 11 in. What are the dimensions of the largest complete enlargement you can make?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The dimensions are[tex]8\frac{1}{2}\ in[/tex]  [tex]10\frac{5}{8}\ in[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatIf two figures are similar, then the scale factor is the ratio of its corresponding sidesstep 1Divide [tex]8\frac{1}{2}[/tex] by [tex]4[/tex][tex]8\frac{1}{2}=\frac{8*2+1}{2}=\frac{17}{2}\ in[/tex]so[tex]\frac{17}{2}/4=2.125[/tex]step 2Divide [tex]11[/tex] by [tex]5[/tex]so[tex]\frac{11}{5}=2.2[/tex]step 3Find the largest complete enlargementThe scale factor is the smaller of the two previous valuessoThe scale factor is [tex]2.125[/tex]The dimensions are[tex]4*2.125=8.5=8\frac{1}{2}\ in[/tex]  [tex]5*2.125=10.625=10\frac{5}{8}\ in[/tex]