PLEASE HELPprove that for any linear equation, y=mx+b, equal intervals result in growth by equal differences.Step 1: If the equal interval is k, the two endpoints of the interval will be labeled p and p + k. Label the endpoints of the corresponding interval on the y-axis of the graph below. Hint: First, substitute x=p into y=mx+b. Next, substitute x=p+k into y=mx+bStep 2: Find the difference between the endpoints of the interval on the y-axis.(1)[y-value at x=p]-(2)[y-value at x=p+k]Step 3 Does your answer to Step 2 depend on p?what does it depend on? is the difference between the y-values the same regardless of where the interval starts?

Accepted Solution

Answer: Look below Step-by-step explanation:Step 1: 1) y-value at x=p is 8 Β  y-value at x=p+k is 5 (All you have to do is look at the graph) 2) x=p - x= p+k = 8-5= 3 (Subtract 3 from 8 and you get 5)3) The answer does depend on P because you are dealing with a slope. You endpoints are fixed in a position, so when you go up or down the slope, it will not be the same. I don't think the values will be the same because you are dealing with a slope...